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CapitalStructure – European Structured Finance 2020 Review and Outlook

Georghios Parson contributed to CapitalStructure’s European Structured Finance 2020 Review and Outlook. PDF: Capital Structure – European Structured Finance 2020 Review and Outlook Link:  …
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PropertyEU – Alternative lenders sense opportunity as banks retreat once again

Nassar Hussain contributed to this article by Jane Roberts at PropertyEU on the opportunity for alternative lenders in the current market PDF: Link:  …
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Structured Credit Investor – CRE uncertainty persists

Georghios Parson contributed to this article by Stelios Papadopoulos from Structured Credit Investor on the uncertainty persisting in the CRE markets and potential changes in the approach to credit. PDF: SCI – CRE uncertainty persists Link:  …
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Significant Track Record and Depth of Expertise

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